Our Mission The GUARD Charter

AT THE heart of every decision the Guardtech Group makes is the GUARD Charter, which promotes the core values of: Guide, Understand, Adapt, Respond and Deliver.

 “Each business within the group, and every employee working for Guardtech, is held accountable against this charter,” says Commercial Director Mark Wheeler. “We guide them to embody the values that have made our group strong over its history.”

 “Across all the divisions, our approach is consistent – client-focused problem-solving. With any of the businesses, we’re always looking to deliver all the values that the GUARD Charter embodies.

 Operations Director Conor Barwise adds: “We’re tackling different types of construction using the same quality standpoint and intellectual property. We wanted to compete with what was out there in the market without giving up the quality mark that’s a key component of our heritage modular builds.”

 “It was vital to us that we enhanced the brand and did nothing to compromise it when we introduced Isopod and CleanCube,” Mark continues. “We needed to move beyond just being known as Guardtech Cleanrooms and everything that stood for, but it was critical that our standards remained as high as ever.

“The focus is on quality,” says Chairman Ray Wheeler. “We simply aren’t prepared to risk what we’ve established over 20 years of building quality cleanrooms.”

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