THE GUARDTECH GROUP take great pride in being the ‘total cleanroom package’ – offering a comprehensive range of standard and bespoke controlled environment design & build solutions, as well as a wide array of high-quality cleanroom-related products and services.

Guardtech have supplied the Life Science and High-Tech Engineering industries throughout Europe since 2000. Restructured in January 2022, the Guardtech Group is comprised of five brands:

Guardtech Cleanrooms – catering specifically to the modular cleanroom market

Cleanroom Solutions – responsible for Guardtech’s larger turnkey construction projects

Isopod Rapid Cleanrooms – offering a quicker, more flexible and cost-effective alternative, with standardised models made from stock held by Guardtech, available for ‘flat-pack’ delivery and with the option for self-assembly installation

Isoblok Pre-Fabricated Cleanrooms – pre-configured ‘plug and play’ cleanroom units and pods constructed off site

CleanCube Mobile Cleanrooms – high-quality worldwide portable controlled environment solutions for businesses

As well as their range of cleanroom construction solutions and innovations, the Group also offer a wide choice of high-quality controlled environment furniture and equipment solutions.

And that’s not all – through their comprehensive Cleanroom Service Plans, featuring thorough cleanroom commissioning, diverse maintenance packages and wide-ranging cleaning contracts via their Decontamination Team, the Guardtech Group are able to take care of ALL your cleanroom-related needs.

Guardtech have a rich history in providing turnkey solutions for clients looking to create, improve, upgrade or relocate a critical environment, managing the design and installation of all structural, mechanical and electrical elements of our projects, to provide a hassle-free experience.

Whatever the project, Guardtech approach it with the same passion, dedication and focus, delivering a high-end client experience throughout the process, resulting in lasting relationships and impressive testimonials. Whether you need a cleanroom, or already have one, the Guardtech Group will ensure you make the most of it.